No-Eyes, Medicine Woman of the Chippewa Nation
From: Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain
(Note: No years are given for the events predicted; most refer to the US. No-Eyes died in the 1980’s. = fulfilled or occurring.)


  • Massive blue collar strikes
  • Relocation of key factories overseas
  • Extended import-export embargoes/taxations
  • Widespread factory shutdowns
  • Excessive taxation
  • Small business failures
  • Insolvency of many banks (S&L’s?)
  • Stock market misdealings/decline
  • Drastic construction decline
  • Devaluation of real estate
  • Increase in corporate crime
  • Drop in level of manufactured goods
  • Increase of corporate monopolies/takeovers
  • Increase in personal bankruptcies
  • Widespread layoffs
  • Cash as only accepted tender


  • Major devastation in California
  • Earthquakes in new areas
  • Inactive craters become unsettled
  • Mountains become unstable
  • Return of the dust bowl
  • Record-breaking flooding
  • Tornadoes increase intensity and occasion
  • Liquefaction of soil beneath faults
  • Intensified hurricane devastation
  • Freak wind gusts/accidents
  • Soil erosion
  • Increased radon levels
  • Insect infestation
  • Sink holes
  • Rapid temperature inversions
  • Unusually frigid winters/deadly blizzards
  • Seeping natural gas (fires/explosions)
  • Widespread surface blazes
  • Major quake of the New Madrid Fault
  • Greenish hue to atmosphere
  • Higher pollution levels


  • Plane crashes increase
  • Shipping disasters increase
  • Higher incidents of train derailments/accidents


  • Amusement park disasters
  • Increase in homicide/suicide
  • Freak household accidents
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Several catastrophic propane explosions
  • Germ Warfare release accident Gulf War Illness?


  • Grave economic differences
  • Arms escalation
  • Terrorism increases
  • Undeclared wars
  • Clandestine dealings between countries
  • High-level secrecy


  • Questioning masses
  • Political church actions
  • Government interventions
  • Repression from certain religious sects
  • Increased UFO sightings
  • Interaction with other intelligences
  • Acceptance of the paranormal and the afterlife
  • Religious sects going to court to force their restrictions on all


  • Several close meltdowns/leaks
  • Seeping radioactive dump sites
  • Two catastrophic meltdowns One to go.
  • Radioactive pollution of land/rivers
  • Major accidents of trucks carrying nuclear missiles/radioactive waste
  • Radioactive releases caused by geological instability


  • Resistance movements
  • Draft evasion
  • Public’s discovery of coverups
  • Nuclear exchange


  • Taxation refusals
  • War resistance
  • Policy disagreements within government
  • Major upheaval within governments


  • Total equality among people
  • Discontinuance of all meat ingestion
  • Construction reforms
  • Cessation of most severe natural disasters
  • Pollution-free energy innovations using earth’s magnetic field
  • Rise of the Indian Nation through widespread adaptation of its ways of natural living

The White Buffalo
Excerpted from: Miracle: By Tom Laskin,
Isthmus Newspaper, Madison, WI; Nov. 25-Dec 1, 1994
«To tell the truth, the first time I looked out there, I saw a million dollars, «says Janesville farmer Dave Heider as he watches Miracle, the white buffalo calf, chew contentedly on a mouthful of silage.

«But once I saw how much this calf means to so many people, I couldn’t see charging money for people to come and look at her. I mean, how can you put a price on something that’s sacred and holy?»

The Heiders knew from contacts in the bison industry that their calf was unusual; in fact, the Wisconsin Farmer and The Beloit Daily News both did stories about its birth. But it was only after the story got wider distribution that they learned Miracle was held sacred by Plains Indians, including the Lakota and the Cheyenne.

News of the calf spread quickly through the Native American community because its birth fulfilled a 2,000-year-old prophecy of northern Plains Indians. Joseph Chasing Horse, traditional leader of the Lakota nation, said that 2,000 years ago a young woman who first appeared in the shape of a white buffalo gave the Lakotas’ ancestors a sacred pipe and sacred ceremonies and made them guardians of the Black Hills. Before leaving, she also promised that one day she would return to purify the world, bringing back spiritual balance and harmony; the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that her return was at hand.

Despite her enormous spiritual and cultural significance, Miracle isn’t scientifically important. UW-Madison geneticist Dr. Richard Spritz, an expert in albinism and other pigmentation disorders, disputes news reports that the odds of a white buffalo being born are less than one in 10 million.

«In humans, the frequency of albinism in most populations is about one in 15,000, which turns out to be a pretty handy number for buffalo because the estimated number of them in the U.S. is something around 150,000. That means, that any given time, if the frequency of albinism in buffalo is similar to that in humans, there ought to be 10 white buffalo out there.»

But even if other white buffalo have been born in modern times, Miracle holds special significance for Native Americans. She’s female, and the bull that sired her died, just as in the prophecy. And, while recent visitors to the Heider farm are sometimes disappointed that the calf’s head has turned brown and its body is now a silvery tan, versions of the prophecy state that the white buffalo calf would change colors four times, thus signifying the colors of the four peoples she would unify: black, red, yellow, and white.

Joseph Chasing Horse, in a phone interview from his home in Rapid City, S.D., adds that winter counts — which date the telling of the White Buffalo Calf Woman story in sacred ceremonies — confirm that this is the buffalo calf of the prophecy.

Larry Johns, a member of the Oneida tribe who works to preserve Indian mounds and other sacred sites, stresses the cultural importance of such recent discoveries as the Gottschall Rock Shelter in Iowa County, which includes a rock painting from CE 900 that tells a story still told by Ho-Chunk elders.
«My father and grandfather went to Indian schools, and they were beaten for speaking their language,» says Johns, who along with fellow Oneida and representatives of other tribes has helped put together the new Native American Council of Madison, a group dedicated to promoting cultural awareness. «They tried to beat the Indian out of us. It’s imperative that we go back to these stories and find out what they mean to us — and who we are.»

And how does Miracle fit into all of this? Says Johns, «There’s so little understanding of Native American issues and ideas that any opportunity to get people interested — even if it’s just coming to see a white buffalo calf — is a good thing.»

No matter what happens to Miracle in the coming months and years, Joseph Chasing Horse says the birth is a sign from the Great Spirit and the ensuing age of harmony and balance it represents cannot be revoked. That doesn’t mean that the severe trials Native Americans have endured since the arrival of Europeans on these shores are over. Indeed, the Lakota nation mounted the longest court case in U.S. history in an unsuccessful effort to regain control of the Black Hills, the sacred land on which the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared 2,000 years ago.

«Mention that we are praying, many of the medicine people, the spiritual leaders, the elders, are praying for the world,» says Joseph Chasing Horse. «We are praying that mankind does wake up and think about the future, for we haven’t just inherited this earth from our ancestors, but we are borrowing it from our unborn children.»

Copyright 1994, Isthmus Publishing.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Brings The First Pipe
As told by: Joseph Chasing Horse
We Lakota people have a prophecy about the white buffalo calf. How that prophecy originated was that we have a sacred bundle, a sacred peace pipe, that was brought to us about 2,000 years ago by what we know as the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

The story goes that she appeared to two warriors at that time. These two warriors were out hunting buffalo, hunting for food in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, and they saw a big body coming toward them. And they saw that it was a white buffalo calf. As it came closer to them, it turned into a beautiful young Indian girl.

That time one of the warriors thought bad in his mind, and so the young girl told him to step forward. And when he did step forward, a black cloud came over his body, and when the black cloud disappeared, the warrior who had bad thoughts was left with no flesh or blood on his bones. The other warrior kneeled and began to pray.

And when he prayed, the white buffalo calf who was now an Indian girl told him to go back to his people and warn them that in four days she was going to bring a sacred bundle.
So the warrior did as he was told. He went back to his people and he gathered all the elders and all the leaders and all the people in a circle and told them what she had instructed him to do. And sure enough, just as she said she would, on the fourth day she came.

They say a cloud came down from the sky, and off of the cloud stepped the white buffalo calf. As it rolled onto the earth, the calf stood up and became this beautiful young woman who was carrying the sacred bundle in her hand.

As she entered into the circle of the nation, she sang a sacred song and took the sacred bundle to the people who were there to take of her. She spent four days among our people and taught them about the sacred bundle, the meaning of it.

She taught them seven sacred ceremonies.
One of them was the sweat lodge, or the purification ceremony. One of them was the naming ceremony, child naming. The third was the healing ceremony. The fourth one was the making of relatives or the adoption ceremony. The fifth one was the marriage ceremony. The sixth was the vision quest. And the seventh was the sundance ceremony, the people’s ceremony for all of the nation.

She brought us these seven sacred ceremonies and taught our people the songs and the traditional ways. She instructed our people that as long as we performed these ceremonies we would always remain caretakers and guardians of sacred land.

When she was done teaching all our people, she left the way she came. She went out of the circle, and as she was leaving she turned and told our people that she would return one day for the sacred bundle. And she left the sacred bundle, which we still have to this very day.

The sacred bundle is known as the White Buffalo Calf Pipe because it was brought by the White Buffalo Calf Woman. It is kept in a sacred place (Green Grass) on the Cheyenne River Indian reservation in South Dakota. It’s kept by a man who is known as the keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Arvol Looking Horse.
When White Buffalo Calf Woman promised to return again, she made some prophecies at that time.
One of those prophesies was that the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that it would be near the time when she would return again to purify the world. What she meant by that was that she would bring back harmony again and balance, spiritually.
Traditional Story © Joseph Chasing Horse, 1995.

Prophecies of the Q’ero Incan Shamans

From a Report by Brad Berg] The light of idealism gleamed in his eyes as Dr. Alberto Villoldo described how an earthquake in 1949 underneath a monastery near Cuzco, Peru, had rent the ground asunder, exposing an ancient Incan temple of gold. This fulfilled a sign that the prophecies of Mosoq, the «time to come,» were now to be shared with the modern world. Dr. Villoldo, a psychologist and medicinal anthropologist, has lived among and trained with the Q’ero shamans and has played a key role in bringing their ritual and prophecy to the awareness of the modern world.

The Q’ero are the last of the Incas — a tribe of 600 who sought refuge at altitudes above 14,000 feet in order to escape the conquering conquistadors. For 500 years the Q’ero elders have preserved a sacred prophecy of a great change, or «pachacuti,» in which the world would be turned right-side-up, harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder ended.

The Q’ero had lived in their villages high in the Andes in virtual solitude from the world until their «discovery» in 1949. In that year, Oscar Nunez del Prado, an anthropologist, was at a festival in Paucartambo, in southern Peru, when he met two Indians speaking fluent Quecha, the language of the Incas. The first Western expedition to the Q’ero villages then occurred in 1955.

Four years later, at the annual Feast of The Return of the Pleiades taking place in the Andes, the gathering of 70,000 pilgrims from South America were awed, and the crowd parted to let the Q’ero, unannounced and wearing the Incan emblem of the sun, make their way forward to the mountain top to make known that the time of the prophecies was at hand. They were welcomed by the assembly and were told, «We’ve been waiting for you for 500 years.»

Recently, Q’ero elders journeyed to North America in fulfillment of their prophecies. In November 1996, a small group of Q’ero, including the tribal leader and the head shaman, visited several cities in the US, including New York, where they performed a private ceremony at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The shamanic ritual had not been performed for 500 years. But in the very home of those who symbolized the former conquerors of their Incan ancestors they shared their ritual and knowledge, not only with interested Westerners who were learning their ways, but also with the Dean of the great cathedral, thereby symbolically and spiritually linking the two continents of North and South America.

According to ancient prophecy, this is the time of the great gathering called the «mastay» and reintegration of the peoples of the four directions. The Q’ero are releasing their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South (the Americas) fly together again. They believe that «munay,» love and compassion, will be the guiding force of this great gathering of the peoples.

«The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves,» said Don Antonio Morales, a master Q’ero shaman. The prophecy holds that North America will supply the physical strength, or body; Europe will supply the mental aspect, or head; and the heart will be supplied by South America.

When the Spanish conquered the Incas 500 years ago, the last pachacuti, or great change, occurred. The Q’ero have been waiting ever since for the next pachacuti, when order would emerge out of chaos. For the past five centuries they preserved their sacred knowledge, and finally, in recent years, the signs were fulfilled that the great time of change was at hand: the high mountain lagoons have dried, the condor is nearly extinct and the discovery of the Golden Temple has occurred, following the earthquake in 1949 which represented the wrath of the sun.

The prophecies are optimistic. They refer to the end of time as we know it — the death of a way of thinking and a way of being, the end of a way of relating to nature and to the earth. In the coming years, the Incas expect us to emerge into a golden age, a golden millennium of peace. The prophecies also speak of tumultuous changes happening in the earth, and in our psyche, redefining our relationships and spirituality.
The next pachacuti, or great change, has already begun, and it promises the emergence of a new human after this period of turmoil. The chaos and upheaval characteristic of this period will last another four years, according to the Q’ero. The paradigm of European civilization will continue to collapse, and the way of the Earth people will return. Even more importantly, the shamanic elders speak about a tear in the fabric of time itself. This presents an opportunity for us to describe ourselves not as who we have been in the past but as who we are becoming.

Pachacuti also refers to a great Incan leader who lived in the late 1300s. He is said to have built Machu Picchu and was the architect of an empire the size of the US. For the Incas, Pachacuti is a spiritual prototype — a Master, a luminous one who stepped outside of time. He was a messiah, but not in the Christian sense of the only son of God, beyond the reach of humanity. Rather he is viewed as a symbol and promise of who we all might become. He embodies the essence of the prophecies of the pachacuti, as Pacha means «earth» or «time,» and cuti means «to set things right.» His name also means «transformer of the earth.»

The prophecies of the pachacuti are known throughout the Andes. There are those who believe the prophecies refer to the return of the leader Pachacuti to defeat those who took the Incas’ land. But according to Dr. Villoldo, the return of Pachacuti is taking place on the collective level. «It’s not the return of a single individual who embodies what we’re becoming, but a process of emergence available to all peoples.»
The Q’ero have served as the caretakers of the rites and prophecies of their Inca ancestors. The prophecies are of no use unless one has the keys, the rites of passage. The Star Rites, or «Mosoq Karpay» (The Rites of the Time to Come), are crucial to the practical growth described in the prophecies. Following the «despachos» (ritualistic offerings of mesa, or medicine bundles) at the recent ceremony in New York City, the shamans administered the Mosoq Karpay to the individuals present, transmitting the energies originating with the ancestors of their lineage.

The transmission of the Mosoq Karpay is the ceremony representing the end of one’s relationship to time. It is a process of the heart. This process of Becoming is considered more important than the prophecies themselves. The Karpay (rites) plant the seed of knowledge, the seed of Pachacuti, in the luminous body of the recipient. It is up to each person to water and tend the seed so that it can grow and blossom. The rites are a transmission of potential; one must then make oneself available to destiny.

The Karpays connect the person to an ancient lineage of knowledge and power that cannot be accessed by the individual — it can only be summoned by a tribe. Ultimately, this power can provide the impetus for one to leap into the body of an Inca, a Luminous One. That person is connected directly to the stars, the Incan Sun of cosmology.

The Q’ero believe that the doorways between the worlds are opening again — holes in time that we can step through and beyond, where we can explore our human capabilities. Regaining our luminous nature is a possibility today for all who dare to take the leap.

The Andean shamans say, «Follow your own footsteps. Learn from the rivers, the trees and the rocks. Honor the Christ, the Buddha, your brothers and sisters. Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit. Honor yourself and all of creation.»

«Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential,» is the teaching of the Q’ero.